Animation Shorts

History Of Pets

Shortfilm. 2013

Production company: NIAF. Netherlands

Technique: 2D Animation/Mixed Media

HOPLEAVESsolo A black humoured requiem for all the childhood pets, who found their end in the most curious of circumstances. One by one they get revisited as the main character takes a trip down memory lane. AWARDS: • BEST IN SHOW at New York Animation Block Party • AUDIENCE AWARD at London International Animation Festival I wrote, designed, animated and directed this short, that got selected at 50 international festivals, including ANNECY, HAFF, ANIMA, ITFS, KROK & ANIMA MUNDI... Vimeo-staffpick, and featured on international animationblogs, and gathered around 35K views. “Sometimes there are beautiful gems in modern animation. This week for example, the new animated film by iZeMo came out in the cinema.”- Oscar-winner Cilia Van Dijk History Of Pets LEAVESpromoHOP   _____________________________________________________________________________


Shortfilm. 2016

Production company: S.O.I.L

Technique: 2D Animation

H&STITLE He & Sea is my latest film, co-directed with Pieter Vanluffelen It had a world-premiere in the competition of the prestigious Anima-festival in Brussels earlier this year, and has just begun its tour around the festivals. It’s a poetic creational epic about perseverance and passion, crafted with the same traits. There was some groundbreaking software developed solely for this film (Ultra Pictura) “an abstract gem…” Film not yet online still04still03   _____________________________________________________________________________

Dichtvorm: Een Hand

Shortfilm. 2006

Production company: S.O.I.L. Belgium

Technique: Clay animation/Stop-Motion    

HANDtitle2EenHandimages3The Dichtvorm project is a collection of 15 short animated films based on contemporary Flemish poetry and directed by young Flemish animators. I was one of the 15 filmmakers they selected to bring a poem of my own choice to life. I made a clay animation based on the poem “Een Hand” by Bart Moeyaert. Dichtvorm had a very successful run around the European festivals and got distributed on DVD. “It taps into contemporary visual culture and simultaneously demonstrates a richness of style and talent.” Plaza Dichtvorm: Een Hand EenHandimages4EenHandimage02   _____________________________________________________________________________