pictures opening iZeMo @Beyond Retro

The opening of my exhibition at Beyond Retro was on last thursday. pretty chuffed with it…here are some pictures!

cock-a-DOODLE-doo 1 @ MORNING GLORY with iZeMo & Ziebo

flyer4The first cock-a-DOODLE-doo was a big succes….iZeMo took up the pens against Ziebo, and they both came out victorious! here’ some images, and the final result!



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History of Pets is playing this week in Italy!

more selections for HOP

just came in: NORTHWEST ANIMATION FEST in Portland, Oregon…

Portland, Oregon May 12-18. NW Animation Fest is the largest animation show in the United States. See 200+ amazing short films from around the world at the Hollywood Theatre.

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NEW iZeMo-EXHIBITION in Dalston on 1st May

beyond retro full colour logo-jpg BEYOND RETRO is hosting my art for a month…A lot of cherished izemo-art found new owners, so expect a lot of shiny new artwork! flyer to follow..

sALaDe mEnTaLe @ Jam in a Jar

PROMOcoverpic My exhibition in Green Lanes was a huge succes! The show got prolonged, i got to create lots of new stuff and go crazy on windows and walls with paints. thank you to the staff of Jam in a Jar, to all those who came and even more to those who adopted one of my creations! Here are some pictures from the opening night, and the re-launch night!



POSTCARD4RSZ copy It’s been a year since my short HISTORY OF PETS was released upon this planet, and the tally up to now is 37 festival selections and rising! One award for best film in New York… Have a peek if it s coming near you!

Anima Brussel België 2013 Nationaal programma 8 – 17 februari
Holland Animation Film Festival Nederland 2013 Belgisch programma 28 maart – 1 april
Festival International du Film d’Animation Annecy Frankrijk 2013 Int. competitie 10 – 15 juni
Cartoon Club Rimini Italië 2013 Ja 4 – 28 juli
Animafest Cyprus Cyprus 2013 Int. competitie 18 – 21 juli
Animation Block Party USA 2013 Best in Show Ja 25 – 28 juli
Open Cinema International Short & Animation Film Festival Rusland 2013 competitie 2 – 8 augustus
Anima Mundi Brazillie 2013 panorama 2 – 18 augustus
KROK International Animation Festival Ukraine 2013 competitie 1 – 10 september
Incubate Festival Nederland 2013 publiekscompetitie 16 – 22 september
shnit International Short Film Festival Zwitserland 2013 Animates panorama 2 – 6 oktober
Warsaw Film Festival Polen 2013 Short Films Competition 11 – 20 oktober
SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya Spanje 2013 ANIMA’T competition 11 – 20 oktober
DOKLeipzig Duitsland 2013 competitie 28 okt. – 3 nov.
Big Cartoon Festival Moscow Russia 2013 special programme november
3D Wire Spanje 2013 short film market 5 – 10 november
Bradford Animation Festival UK 2013 panorama 12 – 16 november
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival Nederland 2013 Dutch Delights + Contemporary Cartoon Modern 12 – 17 november
interFilm Berlin Duitsland 2013 Eject XV – The Long Night of Odd Films 12 – 17 november
Expotoons Argentinië 2013 competitie 13 – 15 november
Animated Dreams Estland 2013 panorama 27 nov. – 1 dec.
Animateka Slovenië 2013 panorama 2 – 8 december
Göteborg International Film Festival Zweden 2014 panorama 24 jan. – 3 febr.
Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand Frankrijk 2014 alleen markt 31 jan. – 8 febr.
Animac Spanje 2014 competitie 28 febr. – 3 maart
Little Big Shots International Film Festival for Kids Australië 2014 Ja maart
Go Short Nijmegen Nederland 2014 competitie NL 9 – 13 april
Cartoons on the Bay Italy 2014 panorama 10 – 12 april
Tess Martin programme in Cinema Nova, Brussels België 2014 Ja 4/18/2014
Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart Duitsland 2014 competitie 22 – 27 april
VAFI 5 International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varaždin Croatië 2014 Maxi Senior competition 22 – 27 april
Dead by Dawn Festival UK 2014 ja 24 – 27 april
Melbourne International Animation Festival Australia 2014 competition 19 – 29 juni
Animix Festival Israel 2014 Ja 6 – 9 augustus



oooh! a little Morning Glory London video featuring the design of the logo i did for them: the Cockicorn (0:01), and a peek at my previous exhibition (0:55) You can even spot me pull off some nifty dancemoves along the way! (look for that one yourselves)

iZeMo-expo in London!

I am currently running an exhibition in London. Will run untill 17 february! come have a look!


A presentation i did about History of Pets at ANIMA-festival in Brussels

UPDATE: More selections for History of Pets!

Cartoon Club, Rimini Animafest, Cyprus Incubate festival, Netherlands Shnit International Short Film Festival, Switzerland Warsaw film festival, Poland SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya, Spain DOKLeipzig, Germany Big Cartoon Festival Moscow, Russia Bradford Animation Festival, England KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival, Netherlands Interfilm festival Berlin, Germany Animated Dreams, Estland


businesscard_template_uk             here’s some press-articles on it: history-of-pets-wins-abps-top-prize/ Here’s an interview i did at the Annecy animation festival, explaining a bit about my movie.   SELECTIONS of History of Pets: -ANIMA-festival Brussels/ BELGIUM -Holland Animation Festival Utrecht/ HOLLAND -Festival International du Film d’Animation Annecy/ FRANCE -Cartoon Club Rimini/ ITALY -Animafest/ CYPRUS -AnimationBlock New York/ U.S.A (AWARD: BEST IN SHOW ) -Open Cinema International Short & Animation Film Festival/ RUSSIA -Incubate festival/ NETHERLANDS -Anima Mundi Rio de Janeiro-sao Paolo/ BRAZIL -KROK-International Animation Festival/ UKRAIN -Shnit International Short Film Festival/ SWITZERLAND -Warsaw film festival/ POLAND -SITGES Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya/ SPAIN -DOKLeipzig/ GERMANY -Big Cartoon Festival Moscow/ RUSSIA -Bradford Animation Festival/ ENGLAND -KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival/ NETHERLANDS -Interfilm festival Berlin/ GERMANY -Animated Dreams/ ESTLAND